Monday, 16 October 2017

How Homeopathy Helps in Hair Loss

Hair Loss is a process that occurs every day. On a single day you can lose anywhere between fifty to hundred hairs. But, since it is replaced every day, we hardly notice any difference. Alarm bells however, start ringing when the rate of hair fall occurs faster than the rate of hair growth. This can lead to depleting hair and eventually, baldness. But, there are methods you can use to stop hair loss. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is by far the best solution for natural hair loss prevention- eat a balanced diet, exercise well, sleep well and avoid junk food and chemical treatments on your hair.

Homeopathy Hair loss control programme include three step solutions:
  1. pH balance
  2. Detoxification and scalp treatment
  3. Growth factor for new growth
During the initial phase of Homeopathic treatment for Hair Loss, we don’t require much in diet, just try to maintain a good balance diet as mentioned below: -

i)           Healthy Habits:-Intake of nutritional food is extremely important for natural hair loss prevention. A healthy and balanced diet provides all the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth. Natural hair loss prevention is possible if you include diets rich in proteins, calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, selenium, sulphur, silica and zinc.

ii)        Regular and balanced intake of seafood, rice, whole grains, soy, green vegetables, onions, meat, fish, brewer’s yeast and dairy products give you all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your hair healthy. Also avoid junk food and caffeine.

iii)       Apart from food, cleansing and massaging of the scalp aid in healthy hair growth. External cleansing removes dirt from the scalp and for serious hair loss conditions.

iv)         You may require internal detoxification of the body. Toxins can adversely affect the body’s systems thereby causing scalp diseases.

v)           Massaging stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles and helps to stop hair loss.

vi)     Exercising also plays a major role in natural hair loss prevention. Exercising improves blood flow to all the systems of the body and keeps every organ healthy. That indirectly has a positive effect on your hair.

vi)         Sleep is essential for the body to recuperate and this too has an indirect but positive effect on your scalp.

vii)        Proper hair care can stop hair loss and save you from becoming bald. Hair loss may be due to the effect of hormones or hereditary factors. Hair loss occurs owing to ill-treatment of hair, chemical use on hair, illness, lack of adequate vitamins and minerals in food intake and mental stress.

Homeopathy is gaining worldwide acceptance today as a natural cure for hair loss. Homeopathic treatment for hair loss is not only natural but also free from any side effects. It can be easily administered, and is suitable for men as well as women from all age groups. Homeopathic hair growth remedies are should be used after consulting a professional homeopathic specialist doctor. Are you looking for hair fall homeopathic remedies? At Homeosure consult with best homeopathic doctor and get effective hair fall solutions for your problem.

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